Militia Update 1.14 is LIVE on Steam (60% off!)

Militia on Steam

Patch Notes:

-Fixed red-text bug occurring when returning to the main menu during the enemy turn
-Fixed rare bug during board spawn
-Added BrainGoodGames splash screen
-Fixed bug with Linux plugins not loading properly on some platforms
-Potential fix for Linux sound issues’
-Fixed bug with Wizard freed from prison not enabling mirrored previews (with right click)
-Added confirmation popup when about to engage in friendly fire (killing allied units)
-Added option to confirm or deny placement match results


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Launch trailer below. Thank you all so much for your support!!

Solar Settlers is a card-driven space exploration strategy game set in the far future. Our sun is on the verge of collapse and so mankind has taken to the stars aboard colony ships to seek out a new home. You are the caretaker of one such ship, and must carefully manage the planets you find, technology cards you posses and fellow colonists as they gradually awaken from a long cryo-sleep in order to scratch out a new cradle for humanity.

Morphblade is on Steam

Tom Francis (maker of Gunpoint) is a pretty cool games-journalist turned systems-driven game designer/developer, and he made a pretty cool thing you guys might be interested in. It’s a fairly abstract/minimalist systems driven game that looks pretty cool, and is available on Steam now. Trailer and steam link below, check it out!