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Solar Settlers is a card-driven space exploration strategy game set in the far future. Our sun is on the verge of collapse and so mankind has taken to the stars aboard colony ships to seek out a new home. You are the caretaker of one such ship, and must carefully manage the planets you find, technology cards you posses and fellow colonists as they gradually awaken from a long cryo-sleep in order to scratch out a new cradle for humanity.

SimpleWriter BrainGoodGames Descriptions

Randall Munroe, creator of the webcomic XKCD and author of Thing Explainer has a cool web app that lets your write in the simple language of Thing Explainer (namely that you can only use the thousand most common English language words). So I’ve taken the liberty of writing out descriptions of the four current BrainGoodGames! You can work out which is which :).

1) This is a game where you need to grow food, gather wood and stone, and use it to build buildings (maybe even some big buildings). Every turn, you roll to see what things you can do, and then make the best of it.

2) This is a game where you use a group of three soldiers together to clear out important bad guys. Win three floors and it gets harder.

3) This is a game where you buy and sell goods at cities in the sky. You carry the goods in flying boats that you blow around by controlling the wind.

4) This is a game where you push back big groups of large creatures from important ground. You do this by making shapes with soldiers that your cards say you need.