Dev Log #4

The Solar Settlers store page was approved! (You can wishlist the game now if you’re so inclined 🙂 )

So that means I’ll be announcing the release date later today.

Just working on fixing up a few lingering bugs before sending out a huge blast of emails to YouTubers and such! Trying to decide whether to do a release date embargo for this one. Axes and Acres had a good launch with that approach, but it’s so hard to disentangle if that was the cause.

Dev Log #3

Back at it on today! Tuesday! There have been a couple short weeks lately with all the long weekends… Anyway working on tidying up a bunch of loose ends. Some unlocking bugs, some small balance tweaks, added a leaderboard for Unlock XP level. (And made my code for leaderboards more general so I won’t have to rewrite so much every time…should have done it a long time ago heh.)

Wresting with the idea of where to put the Weekly challenge mode at XP wise, and the larger issue of how fast things should unlock. I want the XP ladder to provide a gentle carrot for a long time, but I also want to make it so the people who really dig the idea of a Weekly challenge can get into it quickly, and I think it’s one of my tastier-looking carrots…

Maybe an alternative unlock mode by winning a rank 30 match or something.

Hopefully Valve approves my Store Page soon, apparently I have to wait 2 weeks after that is live to launch. That will probably be what defines the launch date at this point. I gotta get this game out there, it’s been too long since a release and I’m feeling antsy.

Dev Log #2

Was working on some button/menu sounds and such today, and they started sounding annoying when two particular ones played at the same time (a “bip” and a “doo dee” if you want a little insight into my sound file naming process :P)

Anyway, I ended up tuning “bip” to D# in Audacity. Dissonance resolved! Reminds me of tuning a drum set or something.

Other than that basically just whittling down a huge list of minor tweaks and bugs to get ready to send the game out to YouTubers and games websites and such. Probably need to get a few “fresh” eyes on the tutorial before that though…

SkyBoats Patch 1.03 – “Breezy Mode v2.0” is LIVE

Breezy Mode v2.0 is here!

Patch Notes:
-Rank is now adjusted after 1 win or 1 loss (previously 1 win 2 losses)
-Fixed bug with used goods not refreshing in Ranked mode
-Fixed bug with Compass & a good in the cargo hold

HUGE overhaul to Breezy Mode
This version is fast-playing and more streamlined! Can’t wait for you guys to try it out. I lost 3-4 hours yesterday “playtesting”.

Current Rules Changes From Ranked Mode:

-Goods value only based on quantity for first round (random every round thereafter)-You can no longer sell undemanded goods
-Boats down to 2 (may go back up to 3 at higher ranks)
-Reduced board size
-Removed gold completely
-Maps now cost 1vp (one available at each city/round)
-Upgrades are free at 2/3 cities per round
-Removed refuel from shop
-Contracts are now 3 of the same good
-Contracts are not rerolled each round and are for 3 of the same good
-Moving out of cities does not cost fuel
-All boats refuel up to full each turn
-Wind meter max is now 6 (+1 when 5+ Wind Meter)
-Wind Meter goes to 0 at end of turn
-2 Goods are randomly spawned at the start of each round
-Modified Carrot pattern
-You can now pick up items mid-glide
-Added “goods” abilities to boats as default upgrades
-Reworked a couple upgrades slightly
-Goods can freely be dropped and picked back up in unused holds

Axes and Acres Patch 1.06

The Axes and Acres ‘Spring Cleaning’ Patch 1.06 is LIVE! Changes are as follows:

-Added stats screen to main menu
-You can now use the move box  even with no workers on the board
-Fixed bug where you could deploy a 4th die to a space if you had two reproduce faces on it
-Added feature to highlight spaces that can be targeted by Hunters Hut card
-Added hide/show button to tutorial popup
-Fixed up some wording in the tutorial
-Fixed bug with reproducing too early in the tutorial
-Fixed bug with roads not calculating properly on very complex boards
-Fixed a bug with win streak triggering on 4 wins (now triggers on 3 properly)