Age of Axes – Barbarian Hordes

Age of Axes Patch 1.02

The Age of Axes quickly approaches! Look for the full patch notes tomorrow, but for now, a little more on the barbarians that await you…

This patch will bring increased barbarian danger at the higher ranks. This change is being made for a couple different reasons. We have heard from some players, and agree, that the barbarian mechanic needs to be fleshed out a little more. Most games players will end up dealing with the barbarians fairly quickly and then never thinking about them for the rest of the game. The new barbarians in Age of Axes should be much more threatening at the high ranks of play.

The other reason for this change is to help differentiate ranks in interesting ways. The early ranks have changes to round limits, victory point requirements, and events. Once you get up to the higher ranks however, the only change each rank is the points required to get through each phase. These new changes will increase the span of ranks which have qualitative rather than quantitative differences. We hope this will make Axes and Acres interesting for players for a longer period of time, and provide a significant challenge to players who have been playing for a long time.

Beware the barbarian hordes!

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