BrainGoodGames’ Next Game: SkyBoats, Live on Kickstarter/Greenlight!

SUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW!! We just launched our Kickstarter/Greenlight campaigns for our next game: SkyBoats! It’s another single-player strategy game with a procedural generation and a ranked ladder, using board-game-esque mechanics. It would mean a ton to us if you checked em both out, voted, and considered backing! (Here we go again with the Greenlight/Kickstarter stress!!)


1 thought on “BrainGoodGames’ Next Game: SkyBoats, Live on Kickstarter/Greenlight!”

  1. I wasn’t sure where to post this, since this game doesn’t have a Steam forum yet. I will be backing this (and probably every other game you ever make) once the ladder system is implemented for Axes or Militia.

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