SkyBoats Patch 1.01 “Key to the SkyCity” is Live!

Update 1.01 is live on Steam! It features a new unlock system that advances every time you complete a match, win or lose! There are also two new SkyBoats and a new upgrade to unlock!

Full feature list:

  • Added unlock system
  • Added two new boats (“Galleon” and “Paddleboat”)
  • Added Compass upgrade
  • Added practice mode (in settings)
  • Added a few FAQ tips after you win or lose your second match
  • Added city preview pane to top right of screen that shows city demands
  • Fixed “Asparagus” typo in tutorial
  • Set target framerate to 60

As always, we can’t wait to hear what you think! Hope you enjoy SkyBoats “Key to the SkyCity”


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