Axes and Acres – Age of Myth Patch 1.04 Notes

Welcome to the Age of Myth! Now kings can pore over the ancient manuscripts to learn about the Kingdoms of Olde. Each time you win a game, a screenshot will be saved and preserved so you can marvel at your past exploits, and look for patterns to further hone your strategy!


Full Patch Notes:

  • Added “Past Kingdoms” gallery to main page, allowing you to view previously finished games
  • Farm wood cost decreased by one (now 1)
  • Farm starting yield increased by one (now 6)
  • Hunters hut now spawns a rabbit between 6 and 8 spaces away from your starting location, if possible
  • Marketplace card actions swapped (gain one of each resource now takes a worker)
  • Buffed castle build action, card ability, and royalty to all give 2VP
  • Fixed bug with marketplace allowing you to go to negative food if there was something to gather on the space
  • Leaf animations now update on the title screen when you click the option in settings
  • If quick move is off, number of steps display is disabled

Let us know about any bugs, or any feedback you have about the building balance after the changes! We’re listening, and want to make as many buildings and strategies viable as possible. Congrats to Allan, mawendt and Kenbutsu for achieving some absolutely crazy ranks (62, 50 and 45!!)

Thanks as always, you guys are amazing.


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