The Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald was created as the ultimate set of endgame content to the game, at least in terms of battles. In creating a multitude of alternative battle experiences (whether it be randomized rental Pokemon in the Battle Factory, the cryptic rooms in the Battle Pike, etc.), the game was able to challenge the players for theoretically hundreds of hours, without having to create any new Pokemon.

Always thought it would be cool to riff on the pokemon core idea. Dragon warrior monsters and Ni-No-Kuni are the only games that come to mind are nice examples of that kind of thing. Hmm, maybe there are others I’m not thinking of?

Single Player Turn-Based Hero Game

In honor of Evil Geniuses’ epic victory at TI5 (#bleedblue #ppdismysensei #bestTIevar), here is an idea that we had at Brain Good Games:

-Single player turn based game.
-Control a hero unit with turn based cooldowns
-Against AI controlled enemies that probably all act after you do your turn
-Random a “Hero” at the start with a certain skillset
-Can change out your skills and improve them as you descend dungeon levels (a la Hoplite)
-Single player ladder to minimize time spent with too easy or too hard of a challenge
-Possibly an Active Time Battle timer and/or some fog of war/hidden information to keep things from feeling too dry/mitigate analysis paralysis.