Dev Log #3

Back at it on today! Tuesday! There have been a couple short weeks lately with all the long weekends… Anyway working on tidying up a bunch of loose ends. Some unlocking bugs, some small balance tweaks, added a leaderboard for Unlock XP level. (And made my code for leaderboards more general so I won’t have to rewrite so much every time…should have done it a long time ago heh.)

Wresting with the idea of where to put the Weekly challenge mode at XP wise, and the larger issue of how fast things should unlock. I want the XP ladder to provide a gentle carrot for a long time, but I also want to make it so the people who really dig the idea of a Weekly challenge can get into it quickly, and I think it’s one of my tastier-looking carrots…

Maybe an alternative unlock mode by winning a rank 30 match or something.

Hopefully Valve approves my Store Page soon, apparently I have to wait 2 weeks after that is live to launch. That will probably be what defines the launch date at this point. I gotta get this game out there, it’s been too long since a release and I’m feeling antsy.

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