1.01c Update Is Live


Patch Notes:
-Added option to get to menu with the mouse only (in ’?’ menu).
-Tweaked “Next Ultimate” preview hover text.
-Fixed bug with full help page and pressing ESC to bring up the menu.
-Added link to the patch notes to the game.
-Zeus shrine no longer spawns as one of the first two shrine spawns.
-Shrines no longer spawn in within 2 cells of the edge of the board.
-A already-spawned shrine type will not be spawned until all have been spawned.
-Scores update one at a time now.

Hotfix: (Live on Beta)
-Changed messaging on game over screen
-Fixed issue where menu popups would trigger each time ESC was pressed
-Fixed issue where minotaur next turn counter would not update during an attack move/kill action


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