Minos Strategos 1.04 Update “Festival of Dionysus” is Live

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Axes and Acres is also 50% off this week!

Patch Notes:

-Added Dionysus Mode!
Featuring randomly generated “Constellation” cards!

-Added New Cards!
(Whirlwind, Trident, River Styx and Necropolis)

-Set draft mode to 1 Yellow, 6 Red and 1 Ultimate card (one less yellow)
-Hovering over “next ultimate” symbol now shows the card (previously just the name)
-Added option to “Adjust Rank” to rank 10
-Fixed bug with music track changing when game minimized
-Fixed error being triggered when pressing “2” key

Dev Log #17

So it’s official! Solar Settlers is the most sucessful BrainGoodGame launch ever!

Not without a little turbulence along the way (I deleted a couple peoples saves by accident yesterday), but on the whole I’m very happy with how things have gone. 

Now as soon as I can get 1.01b out the door I can rest a bit…