4 thoughts on “High Scores in BrainGoodGames”

  1. #1 gets solved by a rank system where you can’t decline. But in the existing system, if one of your main goals of the leaderboard is to avoid discouraging further play, putting max rank might help achieve that.

    You might reset the table after major patches, and keep the locked in leaderboard of previous pages as a link in the game or on a BrainGoodGame webpage. That could provide the reset you’re looking for to encourage new players to fight for high ranks. Maybe the reset would need to come with a placement match system that allowed players to skip over ranks they had already mastered quickly.

  2. I’ve reached a point in both Axes and Acres and Minos Strategos where I lose more games than I win. But I still enjoy playing both games a lot. At this point I am reluctant to play either game because I don’t want to risk losing my hard earned rank.

    If possible a highest all time and highest current tables would be best. But screen real estate and/or development time might make that tough. I would vote for highest all time rank.

    As for resetting after major patches, I’m not sure. I’m a big fan of pinball games and spent hours getting high up in the global ranking of various Pinball FX2 tables. Then they discovered a bug that the developers said made cheating possible. The developers decided to wipe all high scores which caused many people to give up on Pinball FX2. I still play the game but never went back to the old tables to set new high scores. So I guess I would vote no unless the patch completely changed how scoring works. And even then I would suggest starting a thread on Steam asking players whether they wanted a reset before doing the reset.

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