Strategy Prototype Solo-Jam

Figured I’d explain the images and progress updates I’ve been posting for the last little bit. I’ve been designing one or several turn based strategy game(s) in my head for a while now, and been coming up with a bunch of mechanics that may or may not be interesting for a series of design ideas including:

1) A game in which you control a single unit with 4 spells that have turn-based cooldowns

2) An Advance Wars like game where you control various units through the use of “order” or “command” cards from a deck that you build over the course of the game by building units and capturing locations (more cards=harder to command any particular unit)

3) A game where you manipulate an environment of blocks and holes to give strategic advantages (block stops movement and projectiles, hole stops movement, block + hole = regular terrain)

So basically I have decided that I want to break down the various mechanics from these ideas, and implement them all, seeing which “stick” or feel deep or fun or just interesting! The mechanics include:

Active Time Battles
Control Points that Confer Advantages
Units with/without health
Various unit movement abilities/attack patterns
Archers/Counterattacking dudes
Blocks + Holes
Spell cooldowns
Command whole army VS command x units VS decided by cards/hand limit
…and a bunch more that I have written in a notebook somewhere.

So that’s what I’m doing/what I’m going to be updating this blog with whenever I can until I latch onto an interesting mechanic (or set of them!)

TL;DR I’m trying a bunch of turn-basedey things and seeing what sticks.

Throw down a quick comment if any of this stuff sparks an idea.

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