Huge Militia Android Update

Just put the finishing touches on version 1.0 of Militia for android. It includes a new practice mode, tutorial and placement matches, a huge sound effects overhaul and various fixes.

And oh yeah, it has an optional in-app purchase for the Dark World expansion. 🙂 Should be launching sometime in the next couple days, I’ll make a post when it’s up.

Day 21 – Added rank system like the one found in Auro. Gives bonus rank points for streak. Having a clear win/loss system and a difficulty scaling system like this is the backbone of providing the most efficient and consistent strategic depth for player (provided the game system itself can provide a deep yet fair challenge). Players spend the minimum amount of time in a game that is either too hard or too easy for them, and all their actions can be evaluated against the result of the particular match.

Next thing is to tweak the parameters for each difficulty level.

For the curious: