Dev Log #17

So it’s official! Solar Settlers is the most sucessful BrainGoodGame launch ever!

Not without a little turbulence along the way (I deleted a couple peoples saves by accident yesterday), but on the whole I’m very happy with how things have gone. 

Now as soon as I can get 1.01b out the door I can rest a bit…

Dev Log #16

Did a big old patch this morning (you can read the notes here).

Lots of feedback, so tons to do! Really exciting launch, just trying to hang in there!

Also made really good design progress with the Discord testing team about some card changes and overall tweaks for high-level play.

Launch Streaming Event Results!

We had tons of fun at the launch streaming event! And here are your winners!!

Top Weekly Challenge Score: Vivafringe
( )

Best Stream Commentary: ponycarnival
( )

Best Card Design: Bayushi/Byron

Warrior’s Spirit Award: Allan
( )

Thanks for playing everybody, that was a ton of fun!

Hoping to do more of these in the near ish future, possibly for Minos or Axes and Acres next. Anybody up for that? (and does anybody wanna schedule it blehhhhh).

Solar Settlers Review Roundup Part Deux

“Solar Settlers is a very deep, interesting strategy game. If you’ve enjoyed any of BrainGoodGames’s other games, you’ll love this one as well.”

“Solar Settlers is a suprisingly complex & fun space strategy game in a card / board format.”

“[Solar Settlers offers] Lots of strategic choices each turn”

“I definitely recommend Solar Settlers, it’s my favorite from BrainGoodGames alongside Militia.”

“Another great BrainGoodGames game.”

“An absolute gem of tactics and strategy, in a tight little package of awesomeness.”

😀 😀 😀