Dev Log #5

Trying to “settle” things down a bit with the updates on Solar Settlers because I’VE STARTED EMAILING OUT PRESS KEYS :O! (oh god here we go again)

The game is “done” (that’s a single done, as in not “done done”) as in I’ve completed all the features I currently have planned for release. Still plan on adding some new cards and doing tons of balancing and stuff. And of course, implementing the suggestions of the excellent testing team and whoever else gets back to me. 

Pretty fun watching the wishlist numbers already climbing a bit on the Steam backend. Gotta remember not to get obsessed with that kind of stuff. BUT IT’S HARD.

Also still gotta do the last 10% of the Minos Strategos iOS build at some point (may be pushed back a bit now), so I can get some beta testing going for that… (if you wanna beta test send me a message on Discord)