Short one today:

I think that game aesthetics ideally have the following properties (in order of importance):

1) Communicative -Clearly delineate and hopefully even explain mechanical distinctions (see Affordance)
2) Interesting -Some aspect about the visuals grabs the attention of viewers unfamiliar with the game
3) Unobtrusive -The visuals can be viewed for a long period of time without becoming irritating (Note that this can be achieved either through minimalism/abstraction or through lavish attention to detail/realism)


The Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald was created as the ultimate set of endgame content to the game, at least in terms of battles. In creating a multitude of alternative battle experiences (whether it be randomized rental Pokemon in the Battle Factory, the cryptic rooms in the Battle Pike, etc.), the game was able to challenge the players for theoretically hundreds of hours, without having to create any new Pokemon.

Always thought it would be cool to riff on the pokemon core idea. Dragon warrior monsters and Ni-No-Kuni are the only games that come to mind are nice examples of that kind of thing. Hmm, maybe there are others I’m not thinking of?