PuzzleScript – an open-source HTML5 puzzle game engine

PuzzleScript – an open-source HTML5 puzzle game engine

How have I never heard of this before. Super minimalist game-making tool for making elegant puzzle games. You’re not able to do anything and everything with it (the games have to be on a grid, and turn based, and not all rules are possible to code), but there are enough ideas that COULD be achieved with it that it seems potentially useful to pick up to scratch down simple prototypes. Awesome.

Day 18 – IT’S ALIVE. Added a move counter and a goal (clear level 3 without running out of moves or units), and presto-change-o it’s an honest-to-goodness capital “G” Game. Even managed to get some light difficulty scaling between the three levels in there.

Remains to be seen how deep it is but it is certainly satisfying to play I think. Hoping to have a public/demo build up in the near future, so I can get some more direct feedback on what works and doesn’t.

Day 16 – Added new enemy type: the Imp! Basically like the Orc but diagonal. Seems a little too samey, but we’ll see. Might give him 2 possible spaces of distance (but still diagonal).

Highest priority TODOs:
Enemy spawners
Goal level + turn counter/ (win+loss states)
Enemy variety 
Ladder/ranking system (holy cow this works so well in Auro by the way)